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11 months ago Trinity Aster said:

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Synopsis: Who knew there was another realm? Who knew that myths were actually true? Who knew that the other realm had creatures that people thought impossible? Who knew that the monsters that died in the flood, actually are still living, just in another realm?

Other: Hey! I am looking for people who are willing to do a free read on my soon-to-be novel: Another Realm. It would mean the world to mean if you were willing to check it out. Thanks so much! Have a lovely day/night.

Sorry if you already got this


about 1 year ago Heaven-Leigh Grace Ivers said:

I was wondering if you could help me with this contest, Game of Lives Writing Contest, by reading my story. http://figment.com/books/977380-What-is-going-on-


about 1 year ago Stormie "Ducky" McNeal said:

Hey, I have a few poems in need of opinions. I want to know if there's anything, anything AT ALL, that needs to be fixed. All criticism is appreciated.

I'm willing to swap, if that's what you prefer.

One, "Black Painted Nails" is about strength, while "Kiss Me, Dang It" is about... well, kissing.

Here's the link for "Black Painted Nails": http://figment.com/books/970880-Black-Painted-Nails

Here's the link for "Kiss Me, Dang It": http://figment.com/books/974190-Kiss-Me-Dang-It

They are both short poems. You can either read one or both if you want. Thanks so much

-Stormie Dawn, geekiest teen in Washington State


about 1 year ago Hermela Merha said:

Hey, let's swap! You can read my script, Complete Psychopath, and then I'll read one of your stories.

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