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4 days ago Max Levi said:

we are starting starting over soon and I explained what abilities means


8 days ago Codi Hart said:

Sailor star is a group of teenage boys and girls who are each chosen by a star to protect the world from evil doers.

Together you will fight to maintain peace!

Each star has different powers and abilities.

When fighting you will take up the power of the star that has chosen you to fight.

Being a Sailor star means you can fly, have strength, and you own stars ability.

While a normal human, you still have your abilities however not as strong.

However the other half of the time you are average school students.

You need to fight Super Nova, the rouge stars chosen ones.

What star will choose you?


10 days ago soffia erickson said:

Looking for a new role play? Look no further than trapped a role play where you some how ended up in a deserted town there is hardly any buildings and you don't have a car. The thing you don't know is this is a reality show. What will you find out about yourself? Will you make any new friendships? Romances? No one knows what will happen in the twilight zone.


about 1 month ago Keana Terkelsen(Turkey) said:

Hidden in the midst of New York there lies a top secret science compound. Within this compound scientists are creating human/animal hybrids. These teens are injected with a certain gene from a specific animal and as a result they develope a certain trait. For example one of the first experiments was a girl who was crossed with a tiger, as a result she grew fangs and cat eyes as well as the diet of that animal. But the girl died as soon as she hit the age of twenty so now the scientists have created a new serum which not only crosses the animal and human traits but enhances certain traits and creates a new ability different for each and every teen. Though at the age of twenty the teens mysteriously disappear and are never to be seen again. But what happens when the teens discover that at the age of twenty they are tested on once again...this time the scientists are attempting to create a serum to make themselves invincible and they need the heart of the Experiments to do so. Will you escape or will you have your heart ripped from your chest?

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3 months ago Twilight8890 said:

why'd you leave the unusuals rp???

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