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about 3 years ago Keana Terkelsen(Turkey) said:

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Cirque des Rêves used to be a place where all of your wildest dreams come to life. It was truly as its name implied. Sword Swallowers, acrobats, contortionists, magicians, tight rope walkers, animal tamers and much much more. The smell of popcorn and sweets would drift for miles into the dark night wherever they went, informing the public that they were here. Everyone loved the Cirque des Rêves, young, old, middle aged, everyone. And everyone had heard of their name. The strangest thing about the circus -besides the performers- was that no one knew where they would be next. There was never a pattern. The would merely randomly arrive a day before each performance. It made it a place of mystery, magic, dreams, and fantastic wonder.

To witness the Cirque des Rêves was truly a gift in itself. It was a very minimal fee to enter but only a few could enter and there was only one show a night. They never retruned to the same place twice. No one knew who the real performers were. No names were said, merely just pseudonyms. No pictures or videos were taken, you had to witness it with your own eyes. No circus could ever live up to the spell-binding glory of the Cirque des Rêves.

Then it all came crashing down in the tongues of a raging fire.

Late on October 22nd while they were setting up to perform in the small town of Brookisde their entire camp went up in flames. Flames engulfed everything. Nothing was left. No bodies were found, no belongings, no props, no animals, no tents, not a crumb. All that was left was the scorched black grass, the smell of smoke, and the desolate cries of the performers.

That spot later become known as the Weepers Circus. For when you travel back there -to the place where the black grass still stays- you can hear the weeping cries of the lost performers. Paranormal investigators have gone back to Weepers Circus many times but they are always driven away by the eerie cries and wailing screams and of course the chilling feel of the desperate souls that hang in the air. The mystery of Weepers Circus has never been discovered....until now....


A group of teens and younger adults venture out to this place on October 22nd to see if it really is haunted and they discover what really happened....


about 3 years ago Karkalicious Queen said:

(Ignore the ugly white canvas around the images above. At least I tried, right??)

Though big ol' group RPs are lots of fun, sometimes you want to relax and do your own thing. Here at 'Let's Be Friends', you can do just that! You can form groups of 2, 3, or more, and RP anything you want! (Within reason, of course.)

The concept is too vast to explain here. I'm afraid you'll just have to come visit us if you'd like to find out more. :)

Click here to unleash the fun!


over 3 years ago Keana Terkelsen(Turkey) said:

Join ❥Nightingale!

The families of Knight and Gale have had their differences in the past, mainly because the Gales' are angels while the Knights' are demons. Though the heads of the households came to the agreement that once their children were of age, they were to be wed in order to share the wealth and riches. The only issue was that as the children where born, they where gifted with four boys each. However the two families saw it as nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Having nothing but greed on their minds, the two families continued with their plans to become one.


Hope to see you soon~!


over 3 years ago Karkalicious Queen said:

It is 2050. The world is split into five parts, each part headed by the "gods of the earth" as they call themselves. These factions and gods are:

America, headed by the god Favoris. (Formerly N. America, Latin America, South America, Canada, and the North Pole.)

Europe, headed by the god Gula. (Formerly European Union and half of Russia.)

Asa, headed by the god Facile. (Formerly three-quarters of Asia, including China.)

Toray, headed by Malo. (Formerly everywhere else.)

No one knows who these gods are, but they have decimated entire armies in just hours. The natural response for the survivors of this total destruction is to bow down to these god-kings. But in this special year, the thirtieth anniversary of the gods' ascension to power, rumors spread about a fifth faction rising, with no god but the ones of the past. They have no organized religion- they just want to resist these rulers with all their might.

The rumors are true. In 2025, an Islamic secret rebellion realized that they would get nowhere if the only people to join their ranks were Muslim. They opened up their rebellion to all pockets of rebellious believers- Jews, Christians, pagans, even some atheists and agnostics.

Now, with enough people within their army, they plan an attack on the four kings. But with so many different beliefs, some believe the resistance will destroy itself before it ever even lifts its sword in defiance.

Will you join one of the four kings of the earth, who live in royalty and whose people are alive and well? Or will you join the losing rebellion, in utter poverty and starvation, whose people die almost everyday, for the freewill of humanity?


A semi-literate RP that isn't strictly filled with unrealistically beautiful people and teen drama. There will be bloodshed. There will be war. There will be ugly people, pretty people, thin people and fat people. Even if this isn't in your comfort zone, maybe it's time to try it. Looking for a creative plot with an extremely developed history? Then look no further. Hope to see you there.

Cute wolf

over 3 years ago Max Levi said:

we are starting starting over soon and I explained what abilities means

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