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    If the Shoe Fits

    PUBLISHED - Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble - Awesome Cover by Rylie Van Wingerden - A completely absurd retelling of Cinderel…

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  • Etiquette of tea
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    The Etiquette of Tea.

    WIP Cover by Mac Ford ......Robert is still reeling from a broken relationship. He wants nothing to do with dating, but now he is hav…

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  • Holographic
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    Life: Take 2

    2016 WINNER March Match-up Round 3: an extra hour occurs at midnight, but only a handful of people can experience it.

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  • Fryst - frost spirit
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    Hita & Fryst

    2016 WINNER MARCH MATCH-UP Round 2. “We weren’t the only ones affected."

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  • Mirror
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    Marigold's Love

    2015 WINNER Round 3 Marchmatchup She woke up to tapping on glass only to find someone in her mirror.

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  • Ring2
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    The Severed Ring

    2016 WINNER March Match-up ROUND 1 - A diary, a high school ring & a lost phone.

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1 day ago Queen of Dark Souls said:

Your welome


2 months ago Victoria A. said:

Congratulations on publishing "If the Shoe Fits"! How exciting. :) I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the post, it was a pleasant surprise! Sorry for the late response. Hope this leads to many more of your works being published.

Photo on 9-23-15 at 4.16 pm

2 months ago L. R. Bauer said:

Oh my goodness! Congratulations, Linda! That is so exciting. I am definitely going to check it out:)

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3 months ago Phantom Angel said:

Hi Linda, remember me? After a couple years of inactivity (but not without bouts of nostalgia), out of the blue, I went on Figment. Maybe this is what I need to get back. There have been times, moments of inspiration,where I wanted to write something. Life has been incredibly busy. New passions surfaced. But I do missed writing. Perhaps I could write something about that new passion of mine.


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My Reviews

Trial of Error

(4 months ago)

I like the way you have the patient and care-giver the same age. As someone who has been a care-giver to one who has seizures, the seizur... Read More »

Two of A Kind

(4 months ago)

I liked this story. I just have a few suggestions. When her parents are telling her she is “a tiny, little girl” it makes them out to... Read More »