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    If the Shoe Fits

    PUBLISHED - Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble - Awesome Cover by Rylie Van Wingerden - A completely absurd retelling of Cinderel…

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  • Etiquette of tea
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    The Etiquette of Tea.

    WIP Cover by Mac Ford ......Robert is still reeling from a broken relationship. He wants nothing to do with dating, but now he is hav…

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  • Holographic
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    Life: Take 2

    2016 WINNER March Match-up Round 3: an extra hour occurs at midnight, but only a handful of people can experience it.

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  • Fryst - frost spirit
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    Hita & Fryst

    2016 WINNER MARCH MATCH-UP Round 2. “We weren’t the only ones affected."

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  • Mirror
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    Marigold's Love

    2015 WINNER Round 3 Marchmatchup She woke up to tapping on glass only to find someone in her mirror.

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  • Ring2
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    The Severed Ring

    2016 WINNER March Match-up ROUND 1 - A diary, a high school ring & a lost phone.

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18 days ago Emily Rose said:

Hello! I haven't been on figment in forever, or really been writing much (to my own dismay). That's exciting about your book! I'll have to look it up. The few times I've jumped on here have mostly been to check for updated chapters on your stories. :) I hope you are doing well. I'm hopefully about to start a masters program in Christian and Classical Studies(which is sure to get me writing more consistently again). Have a Happy New Year!


about 1 month ago Astrid Hartman said:

You are most welcome for the support on your book! I absolutely loved "Etiquette of Tea" and that one story you did that kind of mirrored Pride and Prejudice, I cannot remember what it's name was but I have always enjoyed your stories :)

Will you continue working on "Etiquette of Tea"? Did I see correctly that you were working on it during NaNoWriMo?

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about 1 month ago Phantom Angel said:

Hi Linda, I just recently checked in and found out about Figment moving to Underline. "Parting is such sweet sorrow!" Will you be joining the new site? Congratulations on publishing "If The Shoe Fits." How exciting for you! And congratulations to newly wedded Rachel! Yes, my daughter has graduated HS. She's now a 2nd year college student. Family life has been hectic. My son is in way too many activities! My creative passion the past few years has been more devoted to music. I'm in a big community choir and a 2nd sister choir that will travel to Ireland to perform in summer of 2018. I'm also in an ukulele club, and a separate ukulele band which performs at gigs etc... Nevertheless, my fondness for writing and poetry is always present even it I haven't devote time to it in recent years. I get my daily dose of writer's Almanac and poetry from Public radio. I know eventually, I will write again. Going to download and save my writings now. Thank you for the years of friendship on Figment, all your advice and reviews. Hope to find you on Underline. :)


about 1 month ago Astrid Hartman said:

Hello! So sorry if I never replied to your comment about your story being published but let me just congratulate you! That's so exciting that you have put your work out there, I'll definitely have to take a look at it :)

Will you be moving to Underlined?

Hope all is well ^-^


about 1 month ago Marie Williams said:

I would love chapters. It’s been a while, but I think I remember enough of EofTea to pick up with new updates.

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My Reviews

A Winter’s Night

(4 months ago)

Lots of great imagery in this piece. “Whirlwinds of Lavender and apricot” describing the swirling and colours of the Starling as they fly... Read More »


(5 months ago)

You have some great images in there “Crouching deep in her head” gives the image of cowering in fear. And reading it out loud, the f... Read More »