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  • The debt2
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    The Debt

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  • Ella
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    Ella: A Cinderella Story

    Ella has always been an obedient little sister, serving her brother constantly and having no other choice. But, when she meets Derek, …

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  • Jasper's fate
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    Jasper's Fate

    Jasper has never believed in fate. Nothing controls his life, and nothing ever will. Or will it? Everything changes for him after he h…

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  • Come on
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    Come On

    “Come on, Ronnie. Nothing bad will happen. I promise.” He lied. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to Vincent Nicandro for the amazing cove…

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  • Fly
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    Fly is a fugitive wanted by the New North America Republic for various crimes. He has been captured and brought in to be questioned. D…

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  • The graveyard shift
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    The Graveyard Shift

    Caleb O'Hara, an eighteen year old boy in desperate need of money, takes a job at the city's cemetary as the new night guard. Many peo…

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about 1 month ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. Save your writing!


over 2 years ago Katey Caron said:

I think I'm going to post on the San Ricardo RP to just see if anyone sees it. I don't want that RP to die. It was so much fun. :(


over 2 years ago Katey Caron said:

Omg Gabbi! It's Red! :D

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over 2 years ago V. L. Thornton said:

Hey I was looking at my book dead without knowing and saw you asked for a access code you don't need one now if you still want to read it.


almost 3 years ago Keana Terkelsen(Turkey) said:

(just click the picture!!)

In the year 2217 a test subject went horribly wrong. It was supposed to cure cancer. It was supposed to be a miracle, a blessing. But in was just the opposite.

It was nothing but a curse to the people of Earth. The experiment was put under quarantine but somehow it escaped the facility that had created this deadly virus that they called Schrodinger's Virus. For the humans that it infected were neither alive nor dead but both dead and alive. These aren't your typical zombies or walkers as some say. The virus allowed memories to stay but altered them in a way that the one that was once your best friend is now your worst enemy. It brought forth the worst traits of the person infected, all the while causing the tissues, muscles and other things within the infected to deteriorate. They rotted from the inside out. It wasn't easy to spot the infected. It takes about two days for the symptoms to finally show and in which more people could already had been infected.

When Schrodinger's Virus was thought to have been airborn there was a mass production of gas masks, but even still riots broke out. The virus wasn't ariborn it was brought upon a person in different ways, getting kissed, bit, intercourse, sharing the same glass right after...and so on... The government was safe and all nice while a war among the people raged. Cities burned, hearts broke, hope sputtered out like a candle, and it was only the beginning. With people fighting for supplies and everything to survive and fight back against the infected a new terror was arising to test the strength of the people. Lucky enough for some- few, more so the rich from around the world- had gathered on a newly created spacecraft that was to sustain them for half a century at least they got away, clean and safe without the threat of the infected. Free and relaxed.

But for those on EArth still. They were getting tested once again. In a medical experiment to try and reverse the effects of the Schrodinger's Virus they created something quite a bit worse in fact. It heightened those with the Schrodinger's Virus 's strength and caused their muscles to grow larger, their teeth to grow wicked, yellowing, crooked, and sharp as knives. They created a beast. Granite not a lot of the infected have become these but they are tough as nails to kill and make the normal infected look like a walk in the park compared to them -the Forsaken.

It is and was a dog eat dog world out there. Those stuck on Earth have been searching for a way to blend in or to kill all of them but all they can do is hide and defend themselves.

Now is the time for Nova 13 to come back to Earth. The people aboard the space shuttle have finally started to run out of oxygen and such a century later. Now it's there turn to fight with the survivors.

Fight or Die.

Welcome to Earth.

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the Office.

(almost 4 years ago)

This is very confusing. The ideas jump all over the place and they do not connect. First, the problem in the story is Ryan trying to dest... Read More »

"Home Cooking" by Christopher M. Yee

(over 4 years ago)

I'm sorry that I took so long to get back to you. My life has been really hectic lately. Now, back to the writing. Everything is written ... Read More »