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    “So…platonically?...Like pizza?” “No one is in a platonic relationship with pizza. You love it, it loves you. I mean, it can show up …

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    **INCOMPLETE** The story of an amnesiac girl. As Tegan learns about who the people around her are and who she wants to become, will…

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    Assassinate My Love

    **NOW BEING EDITED** Kira is respected by everyone in school--teachers, students, even the Dean! She's the best butei in the countr…

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    The Secrets We Share

    **INCOMPLETE/I WANT TOUGH CRITICISM** this means please read what I have so far and review it, so that I can know how to change it and…

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    Her Welcoming

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    Biblioklept--someone who steals books. This is my entry for the SeventeenMag contest...PLEASE READ IT!

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11 months ago Ellie Williams said:

Magic fox profile legal with name2

over 1 year ago Naomi Folettia said:

Do you love making covers? If you do, Covermakers Unite is the place for you :) We are currently hosting a game/contest where you can earn a badge to brag to your friends :D Click the ad below if you are interested :)


over 1 year ago Amethyst Rising said:

HI! If you like BTS fanfiction can you please head over to my profile and check out my Harry Potter AU fan fiction about the BTS members being in an unstoppable quidditch team. It's called "Born Wizard." Kpop fans should support other Kpop fans and I'll be glad to check out any of your stories or give free hearts if that's what you want instead.


over 2 years ago Karah (HAITUS) said:

almost 3 years ago Usagi said:

Would you like to join Cover Wannabes? You get to make covers and have fun! So far we only have 2 people so please help us. For we need more people in our group or else our talent would go to waste. Thanks Scarlet~Usagi

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My Reviews

The Descendant (Welcome To Wonderland)

(over 3 years ago)

Great use of the second person! I can't for there to be more updates of this. This is a complete new take on Alice in Wonderland. I also ... Read More »

Sugar & Ice

(over 3 years ago)

This is the best story you've ever written, S.J. Can I just say that not only is the storyline impeccable, but so is your characteriz... Read More »