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    Cirque de La Maladie

The injury had ripped through the flesh, leaving long, thin gashes in its wake. The summer heat was sedulous and in mere minutes the …

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    Going Nowhere

    Golden Scotch, Smooth Jazz, and even smoother gangsters...What's a flapper to do when she finds a Sheik of her own?

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almost 5 years ago Clare said:

Is anyone up for doing some group reviews? I think the flapper girls could all take a little extra time and review books of the week from members. Who thinks they would? I tried it a while ago and it didn't really catch on. I can go through and organize it so everyone gets a chance to be book of the week once or twice. We can do contests, and it'd be a great way to get some extra reviews on your works. What do you think? clare♥


over 5 years ago Clare said:

Hey Flapper Girl! Please check the Flapper Girl group for the posting of book of the week! Thanks(:


over 5 years ago Daniela Bourlotos said:

Hey there. Care to swap? If so, could you please read Paranoia? I'll read anything of yours :)


over 5 years ago AbaGayle Lynn♥ said:

Hi! I'm Abbi. I feel really bad to do this, but could you please read or heart my story "What really happened"? It's for a contest I entered and I got my entry a little late, so I only have five days to get as many hearts as I can.

I really do apologize if you hate these kind of messages, but I'm kinda desperate. It would mean the world to be if you hearted it. If you'd prefer me to read or heart one of your projects, I would be more than glad to.

P.S This is a copy and paste message(I apologize again!)so please just delete it if I upset you.

Thanks either way!



almost 6 years ago Farin L. said:

No problem! :)

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