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  • Dry cover
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    This is a very rough draft and obviously only the beginning of my story, but I would love criticism! My entry for the Girls with Grit…

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  • Dreamer cover
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    I wish I dreamt dreams like these, but one can only hope...

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  • Highway figgy cover
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    Long Way to Omaha

    This was my entry for the Road Trip Flash Contest. 'Twas not a finalist, but I still kept it because I thought it was cute. Critiques …

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  • Lollipop figgy cover
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    Ahh... the confection of the candy store! Hope you enjoy my ode to the sunny spot of the sugar world!

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  • Figment cover perfect
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    The phrase at the conclusion of this poem is inspired by my dear friend. Moreover, this poem is inspired by that phrase. Let me know w…

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  • Figment cover final 2
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    Maybe Poems Won't Exist

    I finally opened up with my debut piece, Maybe Poems Won't Exist. I'll probably add some more poems in the future, but these are the r…

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Talk to me!

The vampire diaries

over 3 years ago Shammi said:

Hey would you like to swap with me? (:


over 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Hey! Wanna swap? If so please read and heart my novel in progress called "Grim".


over 4 years ago Melonie Zappa said:

Hi I was wondering if you do covers? I'm looking for someone to do them [I'm part of a cover group but no one ever replies to my inquiries.] If you are interested in making a cover for me, just drop a comment on my wall. thanks! :)


over 4 years ago Ashley Nedu said:


so I haven't ever won anything in my life... (literally) and it would mean the world to me if you would please check out my short story The Roommate. I've entered it into a contest and there are several stages to go through. The first being the judges have to like it, but the second is it has to have the most hearts...


I know a lot of people don't do swaps on here but if so could I ask for a free read? I really need this. I have been contemplating quitting writing and if I win this it'll help me raise my hopes for being published and I won't have to give up on my dream.

If you find it good enough for a heart or even a follow I will do the same in turn. Thank you and I apologize if you either don't do swaps or if this is a repeat.



over 4 years ago astronaut said:

Hey, I'm Ree. I'm fairly new to figment and figured I could use some critique on my writing, you know, to get better. So, it would be greatly appreciated if you'd read some of my writing, heart or comment, and follow if you really liked it! I'm also open to swaps if you'd prefer.

Sorry to bother you, and thanks! -Ree :]

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My Heart is Made of Glass

(about 6 years ago)

This is wonderful work. Your dedication to balancing the meter and proper word selection is shown throughout the entire piece. Your phras... Read More »