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about 1 month ago HT Fallen said:

Not weird at all! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I don't know if I'll ever do anything with Distance--it would need a pretty significant overhaul. But if you want to stay in touch, I'm Sam Glass on absolutewrite! :D


about 1 month ago HT Fallen said:

I probably won't do anything like Wattpad. A lot of their terms of use make me nervous; I prefer AbsoluteWrite. You don't post the whole work, just snippets, and get critiques on them. It's more conducive to protecting intellectual property rights.


about 1 month ago HT Fallen said:

Hey, so sorry I haven't been around. Nocturne got in touch with me; thanks for checking in! As for your question, I'm occasionally on AbsoluteWrite, though I've honestly been a little awol lately with school ^^;

Kelsey chow

about 1 month ago Nocturne said:

Oh I already know the S.G. name because they had that on another book too. But no, they go by a different name on the other site. And from what I've gathered so far I'm thinking the other name (not S.G.) is their real name...but keep in mind I'm not completely certain, since on the Internet you can easily give yourself fake names

And no problem, I'm a bit worried too! Before you posted on my wall I was just waiting for them to get onto Figment eventually, but it seems that your messages still haven't gotten them to respond. And even now I've been trying to get in touch with them outside of Figment and so far it's equally difficult. :/

Kelsey chow

about 1 month ago Nocturne said:

Yeah HT is actually on a writing contest website. I know their name but I don't think I should tell you in case they'd rather keep it secret on Figment.

And yeah I've noticed they've been gone from Figment too. I'll try to find them on the other website. I'll let you know if I do get to contact them and I'll definitely tell them about how Figment is shutting down and how worried you are for them!

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