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about 2 years ago harper88 said:

We understand that printing is only part of the service. That’s why we are here to help you through all phases of artwork creation, design, printing, shipping, marketing and promotions. We’ll work with you every step of the way—from helping you come up with initial design concepts to choosing the right material for your print jobs, from printing your project to sending it out in the most timely and cost-efficient manner. No matter what you have in mind, we can make it happen.

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over 4 years ago Zelda Cray said:

Come back to the 1920’s! Just sit yourself down at the bar, take your free root beer, and participate in our contests, covers, and other things that are simply the cat’s pajamas! Just don’t tell no coppers! Check out this other group! It’s the bee’s knees!

Click the display to join!

Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 11.02.10 pm

over 4 years ago Talicia Em said:

Hey darlin! :)

I noticed your a Vampire fan, and so I thought I would take a chance and ask you if you might be willing to check out the Prologue of my book 'Vampiric Interdiction'.


I plan to get it printed/published when the book is finished and I could use all the feedback I can get to make it as best as it can before then. :)

It would be much appreciated.



over 4 years ago Ophelia said:

Hi, I was wondering if you would like to swap. I'd love if you could please read my short story, "Ashes", and I'd gladly read something of yours in return. Thanks a bunch!


over 4 years ago Christy Aleckson said:

Hi! In the past you have read "Hunting Blood" and I would like to tell you that the third chapter is finally up. So feel free to keep reading and hopefully more will be up soon! :D

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