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  • Hunting season 3
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    Hunting Season

    London, a wholehearted 17-year-old girl, meets a very dangerous boy. This book goes with the song "Truth" by Seether or "Seven Devi…

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  • Fptp 2
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    From Past to Present

    "The only way we can go back is if you defeat it!" James yelled. I recoiled my hand from his. "What are you talking about?" I asked hi…

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  • Omg haha new cold possibly
    • 37
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    Hot and Cold

    *NOT FINISHED AND CURRENTLY EDITING* © 2012 This goes with "Rain" By Breaking Benjamin or "Masser" by Jeremy Soule.

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  • Head over heels
    • 59
    • 16

    Head Over Heels

    © 2012 ❤❤HELP ME REACH 150 HEARTS!!!❤❤ For the Goddess Interrupted Contest :) By the way don't complain that it's too short becaus…

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  • It takes time 2
    • 43
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    It Takes Time

    *NOVEL IN PROGRESS* ❤ Please heart! ❤ This is like a fanfic of my version to the Hex Hall series... it's fine if you haven't read it…

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  • Paper doll
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    Paper Doll

    © 2012 HELP ME REACH MY GOAL OF 50 HEARTS!!! 16 year old Elizabeth lost her mother and 5 year old sister, Amy, in a house fire 5 year…

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about 1 month ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. Save your writing!



about 2 years ago S.K. Sophia said:

HELLO, YOU LOVELY HUMAN PERSON THINGY. It’s been almost a year since I finished Finding Elyssia (which I’m trying to get published now) and you’re one of the GODDAMN DELIGHTFUL readers who put time aside for it and encouraged me along the way. Honestly, if it wasn’t for you and my other followers, Finding Elyssia wouldn’t have finished. So THANK YOU. While it’s being sent out to literary agents, I’m writing a new YA novel for National Novel Writing Month. It’s got a different, less psychopathic, vibe to it but it definitely has Finding Elyssia’s dark and witty personality! I write a chapter a day and the plan is to upload the raw, unedited chapters as I write them. Feel free to head on to my profile and check it out (it’s more than okay if you don’t). Again, thank you for your time and support. I’ll let you know when Finding Elyssia makes it to the shelves!



over 2 years ago Therion said:

Dear Adventurer,

 I humbly request you come to a new hold in Skyrim, just past Fort Dawnguard. I ask you, a citizen of the empire, to come and live under the new Jarl, the Dragonborn.


 The reason I write to you, and many others, is because the area of the new hold is too dangerous for most folk to think of going there. The Dragonborn advised I write to some of the empire's best, so I write to you.

 Along with the Dragonborn many others will be coming to the new hold, including the hero of Kvatch. It will be more than safe enough for you to move here. I have provided 50,000 gold along with this letter so you will have enough funds to make the trip and build a new home.


Thank you.


The High Queen Of Skyrim.


Fantasia painting(114)

almost 3 years ago Artemisia said:

Hey there!!! So I wrote a story (surprise surprise) but I do need to know if it is good or if I suck and should consider living the hermit life on a deserted tropical island never to write again. Where is this going you may ask? Well, could you please check out my story Toveblood? :)


about 3 years ago Isabel Filippone said:

Swap? Please read Strange Girl.

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Finding Elyssia

(about 4 years ago)

*Ok so I was going to write this in a comment but I figured it was too long so here we are :3* AAAAHHHHH omg biggest plot twist in the... Read More »

Paradise Falls

(over 4 years ago)

I remember when you had written in the description that your goal was to get 500 hearts on this :) Now you almost have 1000! Oh those wer... Read More »