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  • Pluck cover
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    In the apathetic city of New York, where nobody cares about anyone else's business, Alice need not worry about standing out. Spending …

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  • The firetender cover
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    The Firetender

    The Firetender's job is only to listen and tell, not to get involved. Call me the messenger, but every fire has a song and if I don't …

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  • Insomnia
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    When you're lying in bed and the clock slowly bleeds from 12 to 5 while the wind storms on outside your window... this is what I see d…

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  • Bokeh
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    Thoughts Like Marbles

    A random poetry collection of whatever comes out of my mind when I feel like writing. Probably inspired by T.S. Eliot's writing so sor…

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  • Promise cover
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    The Promised Kinslen

    There are some bonds that can never break, no matter what. And Alianne is scared the Renalia has just broken one. As she struggles to …

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  • Dreaming of skywing
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    Dreaming of Skywing

    My original NaNoWriMo novel idea :3 Kestrel, Skylark, Cayenne, and Jay are a family. They're the only things keeping each other goi…

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Talk to me!


about 3 years ago TheTrumpCardOfHearts said:

Hi! Would you be interested in joining my Redwall Roleplay? If not, that's fine. No pressure :-3


about 3 years ago fireparchment said:

Omg I can't believe you willingly read and critiqued all my works. Thank you so much for that. Apologies if a lot of them confused you. Tbh, I didn't have a solid plot in mind as I was writing the short story, so I literally had no idea where the story was heading until it finally felt like the end. As for the poems, they were more like the babies of my self-indulgence at the time. Hahaha.

But yeah. Again, thanks a lot for the feedback. As you already know, I've tried doing 25 free reads plus feedback for other peeps, so I might take a break for a while. I'll check out Pluck as soon as I can, though.


almost 4 years ago vghdthdth said:

Hi! I just created a poetry group called Pocketful of Poetry. We have a lot of creative prompts and contests to challenge you while having fun! If you need people to read your poems and give you feedback then this group will be really helpful. I hope you can join us :)Here's the link to the group: http://figment.com/groups/26029-Pocketful-of-Poetry


about 4 years ago PandaAsiran said:

The doctor

over 4 years ago Daniel Alivan said:

Hey Redwall lover, will you please join my group, a tale of redwall rp? Also, will you read The Eastlands? I'm happy to swap

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(over 4 years ago)

I'm a little confused as to what exactly this poem is about. I do love the way you kind of scorch the idea into the reader's mind with bu... Read More »

Gilbert Stone

(over 4 years ago)

I'm going to go super in depth and be really really nitpicky here because I feel that since you're going to be giving me honest feedback,... Read More »