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    As if getting rejected and being hated by the girl of his dreams wasn't bad enough, Peter Jensen is about to have his life go from bad…

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    Ice Princess

    “Do you remember the fairy tales you were told as a child?” he began. Sibyl nodded, eyes narrowing. “Well, Miss Bix, those aren't just…

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over 1 year ago Daniel Jimenez said:

Cover Designs Contest - A Gothic Reunion

Free! christmas haru

over 4 years ago Gem the Bookworm said:

Hey there! If you could read my story "What a Jerk" and heart it if you like it and maybe leave a comment of what you thought. I would gladly return the favor. -Gem the bookworm


over 4 years ago Michele H. said:

Hey I was wondering if you wanted to swap? If so could you read/heart/comment on my story "The Resurrectionist Girl" or "The Nevermore Wars Vol.1". Either one that sparks your interest is fine. I'd be happy to read any of yours in return! Thanks! ~M


over 4 years ago Lucy Stone said:

Hey, would you mind giving me a free read on "An Open Window"? It's only five minutes long! I'll swap with you if you absolutely can not do a free read, but it would be a huge favor if you would just read it. Thanks! **SWAPS ONLY VALID UNTIL TUESDAY AT MIDNIGHT**


over 4 years ago Daniel Jimenez said:

It's about time you get that perfect cover, isn't it? Join Cover Designs for amazing free covers for any of your stories! We also offer a monthly inspiration; we even have a Cover of the Week! Or, you can become an official designer and help make covers for others! Check it out to find out more! And if you like the group, then spread the word. Thank you!!! Here are some of the covers that our designers have made. Click on one of them to go straight to their discussion! (If you’ve already been invited or are already a member, feel free to ignore this message)

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Brooklyn Schroeder Queen of Air and Darkness Behind Sapphire Eyes Natalie Cooke

Georgie K.

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(about 6 years ago)

Swap for: Vintage Catalyst I'm not gonna lie, this made me a bit hungry. Ha ha! Anyway, I'm not the best with poetry (both in writing ... Read More »

The Us That Never Was

(about 6 years ago)

I think this is something a lot of people can relate to. I can say I've been there, having feelings for someone but knowing they had eyes... Read More »