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  • The living lie4
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    The Living Lie

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  • Eyes on fire
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    Eyes on Fire (Book 1)

    Mason knows when you'll die. He knows when everyone that he's ever met dies. When he looks into your eyes, he can see the date of your…

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  • Thefallcover1b
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    The Fall

    This was the track meet. The track meet Joanne had been training for all summer. This was the real deal. This track meet decided her f…

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  • Comehomecover1b
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    Come Home

    Please help me get 100 hearts!! Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles was hijacked on September 11, 2001. This is for The Writer, my to…

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  • Stained_hands_by_captainfoleeey-d4p9u2y
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    D u b l i n

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  • I saw you
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    The Other Side of You

    The year is 1948, and Alice's little sister, Harper, was diagnosed with autism. At this time, people would institutionalize their chil…

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over 2 years ago DJV said:

Calling all Figgies!! I need your help to win a design contest! If I win, I get $1,000 closer to my goal of going to college and hopefully getting out debt-free!! If you like my design, vote! :) Tell me what you want me to heart or make a cover for if you don't want to give me a free vote! :) —————————————————————————————————— I apologize if I’ve already asked! If I have, please just ignore this and delete it!  photo Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.22.24 PM_zps5urerz1j.png

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over 3 years ago ♫♪Amanda K. said:


almost 4 years ago K. L. Wheatley said:

Hello, I'm the Pharaoh. I was wondering if you could read my story A Wolf's Howl? If you enjoy it, please tell others about it, I'm trying to get my name around figment. I'll return the favor, in full, for it is my duty to my people.

-The Pharaoh


about 4 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:


about 4 years ago Ae Clane said:

kindly heart BABY BEFORE, LADY AFTER. i'll return the good deed. just let me know. thanks!

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(almost 5 years ago)

A S K H I M O U T Nice. Read More »

Milky Mind.

(about 5 years ago)

WOO! I have to stop crying... Okay, I'll just start out by saying that this is the best story about autism that I've read so far on figme... Read More »