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    This is a poem for the uninspired poet. Sincerely, She-who-does-not-have-words.

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    Here's the sitch

    Skin is only a bone decoration, and though you are dressed in beautiful threads, my only muse is all that sings beneath you.

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  • Sinking
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    Maybe Some Kind of Sinking

    This piece is written from a guy's P.O.V. after having experience a near death experience when finally having contact with the person …

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  • Me
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    You're Perfect.. Not me.

    Just a free verse about my feelings.. they probably don't make sense and aren't anything people can relate to but. I will continue thi…

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  • Ghost
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    I Swear Upon My Ghost..

    This is a collection of ghost/supernatural shorts inspired by stories I was told by a teacher of mine. Warning... the content might be…

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  • Birds
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    As I Stand Aware

    (Previously "Legs") The moving story of healing, music, and new life. ~~"-and to think that once, you were my only reason. You wer…

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almost 3 years ago J.C. Marie said:

Hello. Would you like to swap poems? If you read one of my new poems, either "Wondrous Child, This is Life" or "Majesty is Subjective," I will read any piece of yours that you wish, as long as it is under 2000 words. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to possibly reading your work.

J.C. Marie

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almost 4 years ago Catherine Nevin said:

Hey there fellow figger! Want to swap? If you could read either "Boston Snow" or "The Music Box" it would be much appreciated. I will read anything of yours that isn't over… half an hour, unless you REAlly want me to, and then maybe I could make an exception. So, if you want to swap, read my story then post the name of the story you want me to read ON MY PROFILE! Not in a comment please! Thanks! Also, I absolutely LOVE feedback, so any you might have is more than welcome. ~Catherine


almost 4 years ago Scarlett Rosalie Mikaelson said:

Hi! How are you today? I’m on a hunt for some readers for my recently updated Black Veil Brides fan fiction. To read my fan fiction, you do not have to be a fan or even listen to them. Free reads are preferable, but I am open for swaps. Here is an excerpt from More Than Bandmates:

‘"Andy, are you OK?" Ash's voice called to me as the curtain pulled open all the way. "Yeah I'm fine, just still knocking out this cold." I said looking down and away from him. "Good. You were crying in your sleep earlier. I tried to wake you up, but you wouldn't move. Either way, I'm glad you're OK." He said kissing my forehead. It was real. I know it was real. I smiled and looked away again. "What's all this?" He asked with a chuckle. "Just a thought, but I'm glad that you care about me." I hugged him and pulled him into my bunk. "Hey, let me go!" He laughed. "I don't think so." I laughed giving him a noogie. We played around like that for a good ten minutes; we stopped after Ash started tickling me and forcing me to say uncle. It was fun when we played around like this. It reminded me of our friendship that wouldn't end. It would last forever.’


over 4 years ago IzzyFizzy said:


over 4 years ago Matthew Rasmusson said:

Hey there, fellow figment frequenter! I've got some questions for you: Do you enjoy writing? Do you like gaming? Do you strive to be a part of something bigger? Do you like having fun?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I've got the opportunity for you! I've recently started a Vlog, and I'm getting into the routine of posting videos about the things I do: Writing, gaming, having fun, and exploring oneself. Sound interesting? Well, paste this link into your browser and watch my Meet and Greet: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEnergyNovel I'll be offering a lot of cool stuff in the near future as part of a kickstarter project, all centered around my novel: “The Energy”. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, head over to my Figment page and take a look for yourself, I have the first ten chapters of my book there for absolutely free.

Come on over and see, I'll be waiting. Matthew Rasmusson

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