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  • Girl_hugging_knees_base_by_otakuri-d38y4ad
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    This is a piece that’s really special to me. I don’t write poetry often, but I couldn't let this go untold. It’s a true story, writte…

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    The Last King

    Based on the true story of one of the strongest women I know. One of the winners of the "You Look Different in Real Life" Flash-Fictio…

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  • 600_fffff
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    "The first thing they did to me when I came to Hollywood was bleach my hair blond." Marilyn Monroe narrates the inside story of an…

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  • The_heart
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    Is Good.

    A small, sweet moment from Once the Musical that probably went unnoticed. FanFiction - I do not own Once or the characters of Guy and …

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  • Nazi-german-id-card-for-polish-jew-female-worker-d925
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    Come Back

    You'd think that when your sister leaves the country, something would happen. Prompt: In 150 words or less, write a scene where som…

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  • Pillss
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    The Second Choice

    "You never let the bottle leave your purse, though, like some twisted version of a security blanket. Now you open it with slow, calcul…

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over 3 years ago Ae Clane said:

hello! please review, comment, and/or heart "Room." thanks in advance.


about 4 years ago Cally Ryanne said:

Hey there! If you're getting this message, it's because you previously showed interest in the sample of my novel ALL OF THE DEMONS that's up on my page awhile ago. I haven't been super active on Figment lately, but I'm happy to say there's a good reason for it - All of the Demons was picked for publication by REUTS Publishing! It's set to be released under the new title ECHOES OF BALANCE on December 17th. Just wanted to update you in the event you wanted to read more! You can get in touch with me personally as well as checking out my blog, twitter, and goodreads page for more information about ECHOES OF BALANCE. Stay tuned for an updated sample of the book, too! Thanks so much for your support. :) Have a great day!


over 4 years ago Alice Grove said:

Hey Mary!

This is not a swap request!

Click the image to check it out!

P.S. Sorry if you have gotten this before! My memory is worse than a goldfish's.

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over 4 years ago Mermaid Maddie said:

Hey, there! Would you be so kind as to take a minute of your time to read my haiku? It's called "Closed Doors", and it's on the second page of my wall. If you like it, don't hesitate to heart it! I will do a swap if you like, but I would really appreciate a free read, as it is only 15 words.

Thank you in advance!

Under my umbrella, ella, ella, ella, ay, ay....

over 4 years ago Viv said:

Hey, thanks for the read and the cover and all! You're a fantastic person. I'd made a cover right before I got on and saw the one you left, which, by the way I really liked, but it seemed like it was shipping them more than the story which would be misleading seeing as she's dead and all. Perhaps it will inspire another fanfic, though? Anyways, before I ramble on for the rest of the night I just wanted to say thank you so very very much for everything, you're a darling, and I'd be happy to read something of yours in return if there's anything in particular you'd like me to look at.

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(over 4 years ago)

Well, I really enjoyed this! One doesn't usually think of humor in ghost stories, so this was a pleasant surprise. As if one haunting was... Read More »


(over 4 years ago)

This is heartbreaking. Your word choices are really effective; I especially liked the "overly apologetic female police officer" and how e... Read More »