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    The Grandma's Love

    how I believe the world was created. **A creation myth story for comm. arts class**

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  • Dolly
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    *SCREENPLAY* When a family air loom holds a dark secret, no one is safe...

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    The Witches Tale

    SCREENPLAY This is what happens after disney movies ends for the witches

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  • Hur savior
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    Hur Savior

    Hur has been locked up by the dark ones. with the death gates closed spirits can't move on. she is the last phyic on earth so she as b…

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    Because He Called Me Beautiful

    after a party Sarah wakes up in a strange boys bed.

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    Here is a silly poem i wrote for class (vampires rock!)

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Talk to me!

Emily (24)

almost 4 years ago Emily Leighann said:

Starting DEC.20th I will be back on But until then I will be very busy with school work and such I'm sorry for the inconvenience PLEASE NO SWAPS UNTIL THEN

love ya! XOXO

Emily (24)

about 4 years ago Emily Leighann said:

im very sorry for anyone who has been waiting on me! i have been very busy with school work and i am falling behind on figment, i will try to catch back up on my swaps but im sorry if i have missed you!


about 4 years ago Sophie said:

Hey, again, please fulfil your part of out swap


about 4 years ago Abigail Black said:

I've written the first seven chapters of my book, Behind the hidden face, and I was hoping you could go and check it out. Maybe comment on it? Thank you, hope I wasn't bothering!:)


about 4 years ago R A Black said:


Could you have a look at one of my horror novels? Apple is complete, The Mortician's Boy isn't at the moment. You have to read to about chapter 3 to get to the creepy stuff in Apple, but obviously which ever one you read, just read as much as you feel like, even if it's only a chapter.

Please let me know what you think :)

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My Reviews

Safe and Sound

(almost 5 years ago)

Well this story was very good! The ending I didn’t see coming at all and I liked that! It was like “Yay they are ok….never mind” I love... Read More »

The Girl Named LOAN

(over 5 years ago)

This was a very heart warming story! I loved your title, very attention grabbing! The meaning behind this story was well thought out an... Read More »