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  • Shooting star
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    Shooting Star

    I saw a post online with the idea that shooting stars were really angels smoking and throwing out the cigarettes before God could catc…

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  • The puppetmaster's toys
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    The Puppetmaster's Toys

    A story for the Carnival of Figgie's contest. The prompt was too write about an inanimate object.

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  • Hatter
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    For round three of the Carnival of Figgies Contest. The theme was stripes. I'd really appreciate it if you'd give me some feedback, si…

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  • Cover-normal
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    For round two of the Carnival of Figgies contest. The fear is Erythrophobia, or the fear of the colour red

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  • Princess
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    *WARNING: SEXUALITY AND SOME LANGUAGE* For a contest, basically Disney princesses in our world minus the happy endings and end up as d…

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  • The jailbird's daughter
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    The Jailbird's Daughter

    Natalie spent her whole life on the move with her father- a notorious con. When he's arrested Natalie has to face the scariest thing s…

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over 2 years ago Ellie Williams said:

If you'd like to be notified on your wall the day auditions open, please click here and let me know. =]

P.S. I apologize if you don't like ads. I'm just trying to get my idea out to the masses and mean no harm. Please feel free to delete this message if this is the case.


over 2 years ago A.J Jennings said:

There are four great countries ruled by royalty. Each have massive power. Each kingdom wants to take over each other and gain ultimate power of the world. Cressi, a always neutral kingdom, has invited the countries royalty to their palace to host meetings and balls to make peace. But what will happen if their plans go horribly wrong? Will you die in war? or live to greatness?


over 2 years ago R.Elliot said:

That's alright! It's mostly dead anyway, but I appreciate you telling me.


over 2 years ago A.J Jennings said:

April, 1907. It's been almost two years since a rebellion shook the country of Karoleva, almost bringing an end to the Karolevian monarchy. Things are just finally starting to return to normal, or so it would seem. Despite the failed revolt, rebels still lurk in the shadows, whispering of revolution and planning when to strike again. They've stayed quiet so far, but this new peace can only last so long...


over 2 years ago Keana Terkelsen(Turkey) said:

(Just click the picture!!!)

There are two worlds, one teetering just on the brink of the other. The boundaries between the two have come to nothing more than a simple wire gate topped with barbwire. The Far Lands are for the wasted lives, the ones who incarnates of death. Born from the ashes of a land once plagued with so much sorrow and famine and disease that it has already been forgotten. At one time, the Far Lands and Dexidia were created in the aftermath of the legendary land called Nyxmeria. When Nyxmeria was overthrown by a mass revolution from civilians the lands all united to piece together what remained of the huge empire. The result of this was a land now called Panzina and for decades it thrived. For over a century it thrived, in fact, but it was a land of falsified peace. A utopia is impossible, but all of these people believe in the utopia that for years they have been taught to believe in because they were never taught to question. Why question to change if everything that they wanted is layed out before them?

"Suppose your being lied to would you ever even know?"

Panzina's governing body was throwing away all of the people that were criminals, screw-ups, eliminating those who slipped up or simply those too stupid or with physical or mental ailments. Every child was tested at birth to detect anything that might clue into the fact that the child was unsuitable for this utopia. If the child is unfit to live there it is dropped off into the Far Lands where either a person picks up the child or leaves it to die. The government doesn't care what happens to the child as long as it is disposed of. The doctors will lie, saying the child died or something to that effect or that it was stillborn, causing the parent's to think that they really did lose a child. Whatever case arises it is covered up effectively and quickly so not to disrupt this facade of peace.

"there's a special logic that grows with commercial perversion

it'll put your mind at ease

just to be safe

it'll put your mind at ease

it's like being blindfolded all the time"

Everyone has grown up to believe what is told to them by the higher authority. It's all in the name of peace. The news channels rarely bear any bad news, only news of stocks and such or government candidates and such, just to keep the people engaged. The people would love to believe that what they live is a democracy, but this utopia doesn't give a shit about the people that make it up.

But there is something else the public doesn't know about.

Panzina is under the threat of war and has been for a little over a decade now. The people don't know of this, of course, only a select team of scientists and those in the top tier of government know of this threat from Indicinium. A group that had branched off in what used to be Canada. Indicium had discovered a supply of nuclear weapons and have been hanging war over Panzinia's head for over a decade, telling them that if they so much as step foot over the Wastes that they will launch aforementioned nuclear missiles. Panzina has also discovered that indicium main plan an invasion so as a result Panzina has been experimenting on certain people, younger people. While their bodies are still malleable and easily manipulated. So they've been testing these children, serums, injected into their veins. Many have died and those that don't die by the tests are rejected to the Far Lands. They have yet to create the perfect weapon of mass destruction. Everyone cast to the Far Lands is either ganged up on and taken down or accepted into the gang that has risen to power in Far Lands known as the _______________.

The Far Lands are reaching out to those in Panzina.

Will they reach back?

"We'll be the last to know and the first one's to go."

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