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    Between Fell and Pass

    - A space opera in ode of Shakespeare's greatest works - Political unrest consumes the upper societies of Hestia when after 300…

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  • Red_clouds_texture_by_jrmb_stock
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    Hoping for Red Clouds

    It was an idea that took me to the sky with dragons and heaven--heavenly clouds of red. ---------------------------------------------…

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    With Bones like Prayer

    A fall from grace, a rise from shame. In desert ghost towns of religion, angels and demons play in the sands of redemption, only to b…

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  • The_flag_by_mezamero-d4602es.jpg
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    Great Men with War

    With assumption they have power (cover image belongs to Mezamero on DeviantArt).

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  • Ink_samurai_by_jungshan-d37bnag
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    Jet Lily

    Mixing history and fiction, a story of difference is brought to light and shown through darkness.

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    Seven Moons

    Every seven years, on the night of the red moon, communities guarded by circular, wooden walls welcome a new set of gifted youth. The…

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Draft 2_1

about 1 year ago TheVirtualCavern said:

Hey there Writer!

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, and this year over at; we wanted to kick off something in celebration and remembrance of the essence of the holiday, while at the same time giving individuals a chance in the spotlight to write about their experience.

TVC Presents ~ “Thanks” will give YOU the opportunity to write and share about a person, place, or thing – that you are really thankful for. We encourage writers to deeply express what makes their chosen person, place, or thing so important to them, and why they are thankful for it. In what ways has it impacted your life? Has it impacted you in a negative or positive way? Where do you think you would be in life without this person, place, or thing? In what ways do you display and or express your thankfulness to this person, place or thing? These are all various points you are free to dive into, let us and the readers know just how thankful you are!

We encourage submissions to be at least 3 paragraphs long, not including the required brief bio about yourself (1-2 sentences at least). While we do not require any pictures to be included in your submission, it is strongly welcomed if you feel the need to include them.

All individuals who submit are welcome to include links to pages, sites, etc where readers can follow you and your work. These supplied links will be included in your piece.

Submissions are being accepted now, and will be posted over on over the next few weeks leading up until Thanksgiving day!

You can submit your story of Thanks to us by emailing your submission at and or posting it on our Figment Page!


over 2 years ago OvercomingDyslexic said:

Hi Nicolle, I'm Lexi :) I just added a few new chapters to my sci-fy romance story "Your Gravity" and I could really use some feedback. If you have the time, would you mind looking it over? Your opinion would be really helpful :) Thanks!


over 2 years ago Ronnie Blakeheart said:

I liked the story itself, also the character development. You can especially tell the character development when the point of views change.


almost 3 years ago Ivy said:

Hello, would you like to swap a story? I'm looking for a few people to review "The Automaton." It'd be great if you could read at least the first chapter, and I'll read anything of yours in return. Thanks!

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(over 4 years ago)

Well, Amaryliss White, congratulations for the 1907 hearts, to start out! Really nice message. I like it when stories have positive mes... Read More »


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Love this. Love it soooo much. I can really relate to this poem, and I think that a lot of others could, too. The message really pulls... Read More »