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about 1 month ago Jessica Berne said:

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Welcome to Allure Falls, where everybody knows everyone, nobody is dirt poor, football games and summer BBQ’s are all just a typical day. It all seems perfect… until you look behind closed doors. Everyone is hiding something… Little do these high schoolers know, but their perfect town is a fraud. Their lives are all just one big supernatural experiment the Fernblood’s created. Nobody suspects it yet, but they are actually genetically modified to become one of the following: Werewolf, Skin-walker, Witch, Necromancer, or Banshee.

Last week, the perfect white picket fence town of six hundred people, discovered a body hanging from the old oak tree at the high school. The body? The richest family in Allure Fall’s daughter, Erika. It was immediately ruled as a suicide, and most people were content to move on with their lives. But some of us weren’t. Some of us questioned Erika’s twin sister… some of us questioned just how much of the truth our police station and doctors were telling us.

That scream you heard? It’s just the wind… That dead girl hanging from a tree? That was a suicide… or was it? Who can you trust? Certainly not your own parents or your friendly boy next door.


3 months ago Stormie D. said:

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Do you like fantasy Sweet! I have a special one here, the beginning of a modern-day fantasy that won't be on here forever... once I go through all the drafts it's going to be queried, so it will be taken off once I finish the rough draft.

Click on the poster to read it before it's gone!

-Stormie D, Timelord Of 221B Baker


3 months ago Kaitie said:

Hey, would you be up for a swap?

Melissa february 2015

3 months ago Melissa Tennant said:

Hi there. Would you be up for a swap?


3 months ago Elizabeth said:

Hi, you commented a little bit ago in the 'you want to make a new group" and I was wondering if you'd be open to a swap? You don't have to read much of mine but I'd love some advice :). Thanks ahead of time if you're interested or even if you're not

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