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    Together Forever

    Care , A young 25 year old girl and her fiance Caleb are getting ready for 2 new children , when a terrible accident happens to Care. …

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  • Images (3)
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    A Child Called It Playlist

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<PLEASE READ> This playlist it is against CHILD ABUSE!!! It hurt to do this playlist and to find songs that would fit. I…

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  • Sky-cross-30238
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    Dear Mr.Jafari

    PLEASE READ>>>> This is a little poem I wrote , a story about my mom and what Mr.Jafari did for her.Now to read it go side to side. In…

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    Angels Always Win

    A short poem meaning when ever you feel like a threat or trouble is coming over you and you think it's best to give up or let go. thin…

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  • Myy heartss
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    A Gift

    A little poem about how special a heart and love can really be if you treat it special .

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  • Sweet
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    Sweet Little Chrissy

    A little girl who grows up sweet , with only a father. As she gets older she starts to become mean. By the time she wishes she can tak…

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4 months ago Clara Johnson said:

Hey, I was wondering if you wanted if you wanted to join this group, Pro-Choice VS Pro-Life? It's a debating group on figment that centers around abortion, but we discuss other things, too. I understand if you don't want to get involved, so feel free to ignore this. Anyway, if you want to join, here's a link: http://figment.com/groups/7304-Pro-Choice-vs-Pro-Life


6 months ago Sebastian said:

Swap? If so please read and heart "Silent Heartbeats". Sorry if I already asked or if you don't do swaps. Thanks!


7 months ago Sebastian said:

Swap? If so please read and heart "Silent Heartbeats".


10 months ago Sebastian said:

Hey wanna swap? If so please read and heart my novel "Grim". Sorry if I already asked you or if you don't do swaps.


10 months ago Carmen Lopez said:

 photo Girlrunning2_zpsc6c90592.jpg

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My Reviews

The Way we Used To Be

(almost 2 years ago)

*When I am bored-I think should be , When (I'm) Bored. It would flow easier. *Then I'll count them up - Should be , Then I'll (add) th... Read More »

Sweet Little Chrissy

(about 2 years ago)

Corrected most of the reviews. Thanks for the help. Now I just have to go and fix spelling errors. Read More »