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    Test Sample

    I stayed at the Westgate once for SEMA Show. I was not impressed. At least Herr Thomas Eichhorst would have kept me company. Can't wai…

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  • Jane-austen
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    In Defense of Jane Austen

    Let's get a few things straight here. And no, not everyone considers being likened to Jane Austen to be a good thing. One day I'll tel…

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  • Cancer-man_l
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    Musings for a Cigarette Smoking Man

    A dream I had gave me pause to consider the nature of Cancer Man, what he means to the X:Files, and what this show continues to do to …

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  • Juliansands
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    A Warlock's Work is Never Done

    An ancient warlock returns to Providence Rhode Island, desperate to to find his fellow cultists and regain former honor lost with the …

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  • Courtesan_artwork
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    The Courtesan Assassins

    Right...turns out Mary Robinnette Kowal got to this first, and published a series of successful novels along the same this …

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    A vampire and a half-dead Trsanti clansman must help their wizard friend control his power before it consumes him. What's worse, they …

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almost 3 years ago Eloise Maybelle said:

I can understand that! :D

But if you ever feel like you want too, I joined you "The Joker" group. It looks like no one is active in it. So if you ever feel like RPing, you and I could do it there so we don't have to create a new group and worry about others joining it! :D Because personally I like one on one RP's or a very few member RP ha ha Because there are times where I can be inactive too.

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over 5 years ago StormIridian said:

Hello! Swap? If so, please read (and hopefully heart) my story Solace, and I'll do the same for anything of yours. Thanks!


over 5 years ago Jessica Li said:

Hey! would you like to swap? Could you heart/read "pestilence in my ear?" I will do the same for you, just post on my wall which one. :)

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over 5 years ago z.flebar said:

Thanx! Ill totally read "The Courtesan Assassins". In case you forgot, "tree whisperer" is the book for the swap.


over 5 years ago OvercomingDyslexic said:

Hey, it's Lexi :) I just finished a new story and I could really use your opinion on it. It's called Creative License if you ever have a second or two :)

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An Open Window

(over 4 years ago)

So there were a couple grammar errors. I sort of skimmed through it, but run this story through a word processor and it should find them.... Read More »

Finding You

(over 5 years ago)

I can definitely tell you that I go into stories of suicide with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I have absolutely no idea how anyone co... Read More »