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    3 Words-I Love You

    In this story, the problem starts when Larissa is taken away from her family by the government. She is put into an orphanage in Washin…

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Josiah and me copy

almost 5 years ago RebaShimer said:

Hi there!!! Would you mind reading my story waiting for the Patterson contest?? Hearts are appreciated but only if deserved! I will read a story for you in return, but a free read is cool too. Thanks!


about 5 years ago Cheyenne Summers said:

Hello! :) I was wondering if you'd like to swap? I'll read/like/review any of your stories if you'll read/like Megan's Bridge! If you don't swap I'm sorry for bothering you! :)Thank you so much! If I've already sent this I apologize, it's hard to keep track!


about 5 years ago Maria Smith said:

Hey there, I was wondering if you could read my story The Broken One, and heart/review/comment on i? I'd be happy to do the same for you. Thank you so much!


over 5 years ago amara said:

Hi! I was wondering if you would take the time to read my short story Truth, Innocence, and Guilt. It's the story of a girl who is in prison and deals with the truth. If you won't do it for free, I'm willing to swap, but it may take some time before I get back to you. Thanks, and sorry if this disturbs you.


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