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    The Pseudo Nun

    Four boys try to solve a school wide problem- via convicted felon. Inspired by The Holy Cross Abbey, in Canon City, Colorado

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    Once More

    A short story about a desperate man, trying to save his family.

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    One Blue Shell

    A short story about an unlikely mermaid.

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4 months ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. Save your writing!



5 months ago Mariella Baird said:

Hey just wanted to check in on you since you haven't been around in the group. Things are a little weird. This one guy just keeps posting about this death scene that seems really irrelevant to the roleplay, even if it is interesting. I was thinking that all we needed to gather everyone would be some kind of plot point. For example, maybe towards the end of the party, a major storm hits and traps everyone inside, takes out the power and cell service? We'd get some interaction then, for sure.


5 months ago Mariella Baird said:

In Rionna, every aspect of your life is designated for you. Your career, hobbies, schooling, clothing, even your spouse. This is all decided by one simple factor: the date on which you were born, or, in layman's terms, your Zodiac sign. This system, set in place many centuries before, keeps the peace like nothing else has. There are no fights, no conflict. Everyone is content. But stars are more distant than they look, much like the people of Rionna. Your future has been Written in Stars.



5 months ago Starcatcher said:

sorry I didn't mean to leave the rp


5 months ago arie kay said:

Thank you for the notification! I'll see about posting something for my characters; however, I was traveling for the past two days and now am getting accustomed to the time difference. Also, thank you for making me a moderator, though I'm not sure what I did to deserve it haha

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Cool Kids

(about 3 years ago)

I really do love this piece. It highlights a part of life that people don't really understand until they live it, and that is to "not fit... Read More »

Tryst and Devilry

(over 5 years ago)

Amazing descriptions. It shows an example of true love. Read More »