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11 months ago That one girl said:

Hey there! I'm a young writer and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to improve my writing? I've been writing only poetry so far and I want to start a book just to try something new. I would love a comment or some tips.

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over 1 year ago Jaspen Song said:

Hola Amigo! I hate to be bothersome, but the Quarks are overtaking my planet. If I don't get twenty new reviews by the end of the week, my nose will fall off. I like my nose. Don't let the Quarks get it. Any and all of my stories would love you very much if you read them. Grazzi!


almost 3 years ago Cassidy Brynn Stokes said:

hey, i was wondering if you could stop in and read my book Forever Lost. It's not for a contest or anything and it's a work in progress but alot of people seem to like it so I'm trying to spread the word and see if I can make something of it. If you would read it that would be totaly awesome. Thanks!