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  • Labor of love cover
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    Labor of Love

    Top five winner!{ENTRY FOR #Halloween15 CONTEST} Clara and Kyle are expecting, but what they get is completely unexpected. Cover a…

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  • Wandering minds contest cover
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    Help Me

    For a contest on wandering minds! It was four years since Dave had left her behind in that god-forsaken house. When he returned, she'd…

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  • Ursula cover
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    Ursula's Beginnings

    Read all about your favorite sea witch's childhood and why she is the way she is! Unique take on how she came to be. Cover made by …

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  • Elie cover
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    Elie and the Crimson Stone

    The first in a spectacular steampunk series entitled Elie's Magnificent Adventures! In a world where alchemy is a viable science an…

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  • New data cover
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    New Data

    Science fiction like you've never read it before. Follow the adventures of the people aboard the ISS ORION as they traverse the uni…

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  • Rad cover
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    Race Against Destiny

    Can a species ever evolve too far? The people on the planet Zeus have become so advanced that they are evolving backwards. They have b…

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Honestly I completely forgot about it too! I've been gone for a long time haha. You can read whatever you want-except this Forsaken place.


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Thanks for a follow

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5 days ago Rachel D. said:

oh okay, well thanks!


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Thank you so much for the follow! Happy writing!

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My Reviews

The Gift of the Dreamseer

(7 months ago)

Review Prologue One really positive note I have about just reading your synopsis is that you have an age warning which is very import... Read More »

It's Better to say Nothing

(9 months ago)

This poem is raw and full of emotion. No particular rhyme scheme or meter but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I write many of my poem... Read More »