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  • Labor of love cover
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    Labor of Love

    Top five winner!{ENTRY FOR #Halloween15 CONTEST} Clara and Kyle are expecting, but what they get is completely unexpected. Cover a…

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  • Wandering minds contest cover
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    Help Me

    For a contest on wandering minds! It was four years since Dave had left her behind in that god-forsaken house. When he returned, she'd…

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  • Ursula cover
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    Ursula's Beginnings

    Read all about your favorite sea witch's childhood and why she is the way she is! Unique take on how she came to be. Cover made by …

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  • Elie cover
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    Elie and the Crimson Stone

    The first in a spectacular steampunk series entitled Elie's Magnificent Adventures! In a world where alchemy is a viable science an…

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  • New data cover
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    New Data

    Science fiction like you've never read it before. Follow the adventures of the people aboard the ISS ORION as they traverse the uni…

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  • Rad cover
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    Race Against Destiny

    Can a species ever evolve too far? The people on the planet Zeus have become so advanced that they are evolving backwards. They have b…

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4 days ago Conner Van Asch (Chesster) said:


If you want to keep in touch with me you can email me at I'm also on Instagram as conner_van_asch, here is my Wattpad @FatReforged, I'm also on NaNoWriMo YWP as Conner Quester. And I will move to Underlined either with my same name here or with a different name.


16 days ago Conner Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. So save your writings!

Sanya k

22 days ago Haley Kissell said:

Hey there Wordsmith! I'm the founder of the Figgie Fighter group! I'm sorry it's been 10 days and I'm only now just getting back with you (my workload has increased far more dramatically than I thought it would this semester) but you commented on one of the group threads saying that you'd be interested in helping out! if you're still interested, let me know. It'd be awesome to have you on board!

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22 days ago Jesse Saving said:

Is the "Character Chats" group still a thing?

Img_1513 (1)

27 days ago Elizabeth Blair said:

Honestly I completely forgot about it too! I've been gone for a long time haha. You can read whatever you want-except this Forsaken place.

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The Gift of the Dreamseer

(8 months ago)

Review Prologue One really positive note I have about just reading your synopsis is that you have an age warning which is very import... Read More »

It's Better to say Nothing

(10 months ago)

This poem is raw and full of emotion. No particular rhyme scheme or meter but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I write many of my poem... Read More »