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    Life and death hangs in the balance, based on popularity and status...

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    All World Book 1: Katharsis

    Brittannia is a young commander in the former US army. Alexei is the son of a powerful warlord and the best mercenary in Russia. …

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    House of Heroes

    Inspired by the band House of Heroes and their songs. Anything taken from their songs is not mine. A story about the secret and dirty …

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    Dying Sparks

    For those few seconds, with the light in my eyes and the heat on my face, I was alive...

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    That's So Iris

    Iris is sick of being looked on as 'normal'. She lives two lives... a boring one during the day and a life of fame at night. Will she …

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over 2 years ago Darkness said:

Hi hi!

I was wondering if your interested in swapping? Maybe a heart, and a follow?



over 2 years ago Liam Thomas said:

Hey, I was wondering if you would be interested in swapping? If so please whatever looks of interest to you on my page. I would be more than happy to read anything of yours. If you are interested please leave a comment on my page of what you want me to read. Thank you so much for your time


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over 2 years ago Lizzie Snow said:

You can read anything of mine, I don't mind which. Whichever one appeals to you the most :)

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over 2 years ago Lizzie Snow said:

Hi! I finished your review on "Hoarfrost" for the swap. :)


almost 3 years ago meme said:

Swap? Please read The Hidden place if you do. Thanks a bunch! :)

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My Reviews

The video game that killed Sandra Hughes

(over 3 years ago)

I really liked reading this and I can tell it's going to be a fascinating story already...and your imagery really sets up a picture in my... Read More »

The Warehouse Rave

(over 3 years ago)

Short and sweet, but makes the scene you're visualizing very clear. I especially love the second sentence. I think you could expand on th... Read More »