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  • Medusa_closeup
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    Medusa Will

    Alone, cursed, hunted. Medusa can't change what she is. She fights to igore her craving to kill those who enter her home before they k…

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  • Project_183145
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    Watching Charlotte

    I wasn't what you expected. I appeared to be a man, pale skinned, around the age of nineteen or early twenties. I had shaggy, dark h…

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  • Project_172383
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    Mine to Know, Yours to Tell

    I refused to give up. I wanted people to know, but my father was pretty good at keeping my mouth shut.<br /><br />I was forced to live…

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almost 4 years ago S. E. Cates said:

Interested in a swap? I'll swap hearts and/or reads for "The Carnival of Fallen Stars". Just let me know on my wall of you're down!

**Sorry if we've already swapped for this story**


about 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Hey! Wanna swap? If so please read and heart “The Flutter of a Final Heartbeat”.

Me 2

about 4 years ago Beatriz Romero said:

Hi! Would you like to swap? If so, please read and heart "Gwen" if you like it. I will happily read anything of yours in return :)


about 4 years ago Kitsune96 said:

Hello fellow Figment member! I recently entered the Kiss Writing Contest (or better known as the Patterson Contest), and I was wondering if you would be willing to give me feedback on my story Loving Shards.

Now, I know that the majority of us don’t particularly like it when people spam our walls asking for heart swaps. However, this is no way a heart swap; I would prefer feedback on this and would greatly appreciate any feedback you have to give me (though hearts/reactions are greatly appreciated :D)

Please keep in mind that I may not be able to leave a comment/review on your story; I’m posting this same post onto almost 11,000 different people here on Figment. However, I can provide you with services. I can either make you a cover, teach you how to make covers, or leave you with a full-blown review (after the contest is complete). You’ll have to join the groups I’m in to get these services =/

So, without further ado: could you leave me some feedback on my story Loving Shards (and heart/react to it if you want to)? Just click the cover below to get to the story. Thank you for taking the time to read this long post!

Loving Shards

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Living Through Lyrics

(over 6 years ago)

I love this! You captured the escape music gives people really well:) Great job! Read More »


(over 6 years ago)

"He wrote your book." Totally took the words out of my mouth! Seriously, all my credit in writing goes to Him. I love how you've writt... Read More »