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    Seven Minutes

    In the world of Locklust there stands a clock tower, the Timekeeper. This particular clock tower is true to it's name, it keeps time. …

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almost 5 years ago Classy-Queen said:

Hellooooo beauty! May I ask for 3 mins of your precious time? I'm in a contest, my very first contest, so I'm trying to get as much recognition as possible. Please read "Vengeance is Never Sweet" and I will forever be grateful. My intentions is not to ask for a swap, but if you insist, I will gladly read any of your pieces (that's under 5 mins and not an entry for the seventeen magazine contest tehe xD). Thanks so much.

Keep writing and stay classy!!



about 5 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:

hello! :D would you mind doing a swap with me? I'll read anything of yours if you'll just take a minute to read "Nose Bleeds". I always return swaps and I really want to win this contest :) thank you for your time. I'm so sorry if I've already asked this.


about 5 years ago Alex M. Stache said:

Would you like to swap? If you do please read Don't Let Them Win. Please post on my wall what you want me to read. If you don't please ignore/delete this message. Sorry for this!


about 5 years ago Lw said:

HEY, how's your day? I'm gonna be honest and bleak here. I need hearts for my entry in the hacktivist contest, my piece is titled "K9 Kiss" and I don't wanna win, I NEED to win, I don't have a computer, I use my friends, and I desperately need one to showcase my work, so please, please help me

If you already heard this from me.... feel free to kick me in the face.


about 5 years ago Rory Gilmore said:

Hey! Would you like to swap? IF you read my story (and heart if you like it) I would be happy to read any of yours! Thanks

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