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    Summer morning

    Daily theme for August 9, 2012: “I can’t believe you did that to me.” Cover by: Ami Chan

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  • Cover
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    A month of daily writings

    The plan with this was to write something every day in a year. I hate to admit I gave up. But I have kept the original description: -…

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  • Minas_tirith_2
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    Goodbye to Minas Tirith

    Daily theme for January 14, 2013: “It was happening. It was real. It was tonight.” Yeah, I made it a fan fiction. Deal with it. (I rea…

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  • 290069
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    When the plan fails

    UNFINISHED! Suzie failed her history exam and ran away from home. She ended up on the streets with a couple of other people. This is h…

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  • Castelo-de-hogwarts1
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    Second Battle of Hogwarts 1: Nam Phoenix

    UNFINISHED! This is a Harry Potter fanfiction. Harry Potter’s time is long over. He has been dead for centuries. A new generation of w…

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  • Halloween-witch-kevin-middleton
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    Three Little Witches

    This is a fairytale I wrote on January 12 in my daily writing, which is why it is also posted in chapter 12 of "A year of daily writin…

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Can I have your heart? I need it to be complete and I don't feel whole without you ;)

I'd love it if you would swap with me (reads/comments/hearts)

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Hey there! Would you like to swap? If so could you please read "The Cold" and tell me what you think? Also, heart it if you like it seeing as it is for a heart based contest! Just post on my wall anything of yours I can read and I will! Thanks!

Happy Writing! ~Theresa

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Would you care to swap? I would love some feedback on a contest entry named "Began".

Please just let me know on my wall if you accept. Hope to hear from you!

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My Reviews

"When the Ball Dropped"

(over 1 year ago)

This was really cute. The situation and how their friendship was described was really good. I think you could really benefit from digg... Read More »

Twisted Christmas

(over 1 year ago)

First I want to say that this piece of writing has a lot of potential. But it's not completely living up to it. What I like about it i... Read More »