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    With the Tide

    This plane crash was no accident. The Force pulled Caroline to this mysterious island full of natives with secrets about who she reall…

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    Abducted. Tested. No escape. Teenagers everywhere are being taken and tested on to create the perfect assassins. But Cassie Bishop …

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    Cirque Des Monstres

    Welcome to the worlds greatest circus. Everything you see here is one hundred percent real; no tricks, no special effects. You'll be s…

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    Four teenagers are joined together to protect The Chosen. Until the evil is gone, they are tasked with keeping one person alive. But w…

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    Murder, Murder

    What would you do, if you discovered that your only way to survive is to kill. Would you do it? - Seventeen year old Kara was attack…

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    Since the accident, since her near death experience, Phoenix Summers life has spiraled out of control. After getting shipped off to a …

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1 day ago Amelia Markey said:

Check out Vintage Ink’s latest contest - before it’s gone!


5 days ago Julianna S. said:

Hello fellow Figmenter! I have been offline for a long. Long. Long. time, but I am back on now! Yay! I have updated several of my novels in the past few days and I would love to get some feedback on them. If you want to just read and comment, that would be fantastic, but I realize that it is often too much to ask. Therefore, I am willing to swap. We can do it however you want. Book for book, word count for word count, whatever. Just let me know on my wall and I will read it ASAP! Also, no heart swaps. I know it sounds harsh, but it's one of my rules. I'd rather have constructive criticism than a heart. This brings me to my final point. Please please please do not only say something along the lines of, "It was good." No no no. That's bad. Short comments are bad. I know my story is not perfect, I want to know why. Please explain why you thought what you did about it and why you thought it did or didn't deserve your heart. I will do the same for you. That being said, I look forward to hearing from you! Write on!


7 days ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

Hey there! Would you like to swap something of yours for my story "The Rest"? Thank you!


7 days ago Alena Parker said:

Hello. Would you be willing to take a look at my book "Patterns"? There's only one very short chapter.



12 days ago Nova Graves said:

Sure, please go first though and read whatever you would like. Make sure you tell me when you finish though.

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(7 days ago)

That was intense and I'm interested to know more about why this kid wants to kill himself and what happened to them. It's really good a... Read More »

The Adventures of the Turkey Sisters

(21 days ago)

I only read the first two chapters and it's a cute story so far. I have a couple of helpful ideas that will help. There is a lot going o... Read More »