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    Loving Monsters

    Being a teenage girl and introducing your boyfriend to your family can be very nervewracking, but try being the daughter of one of the…

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    Chasing Love (Contest Entry)

    *Second place winner for The Lucky One Contest* Thank you guys soo much I wouldn't have gotten second place without your guys help!!! …

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    Abducted. Tested. No escape. Teenagers everywhere are being taken and tested on to create the perfect assassins. But Cassie Bishop …

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    With the Tide

    This plane crash was no accident. The Force pulled Caroline to this mysterious island full of natives with secrets about who she reall…

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    Cirque Des Monstres

    Welcome to the worlds greatest circus. Everything you see here is one hundred percent real; no tricks, no special effects. You'll be s…

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    Four teenagers are joined together to protect The Chosen. Until the evil is gone, they are tasked with keeping one person alive. But w…

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about 20 hours ago Clary said:

Hey! Would you like to swap? if so please read either the secret cabin or known, and I will read what ever you want me to.

Thank you!


about 23 hours ago Evi B. said:

I'd love to swap! I'm reading "Loving Monsters", right now, and in return read as much as you want of "The Allegiance"!


1 day ago Lilia Van said:

Hey, would you like to swap? If so, please read anything on my first page (there's a variety of genres to choose from) and I'll gladly return the favor! :)


3 days ago Brie Blakmyre said:

Hello, up for a swap? I just posted the first chapter of my new novel "The Other Side of Invisible" and would love to hear your thoughts. I'll be happy to read any of your pieces in return. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon! :)


3 days ago Apple Pie said:

Over 100 years ago the world changed, many died and many turned against one another. Life will never be the same, no matter how hard you try...

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My Reviews

Eyes of the Wolf

(4 days ago)

This was such a dark and thrilling story, I really enjoyed it. Your description is well written, allowing the reader to create a picture ... Read More »

The Rest

(5 days ago)

I had already read a couple of chapters from this story before from a recent swap so I'm my review is somewhere on here, but I remember b... Read More »