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    Cirque Des Monstres

    Welcome to the worlds greatest circus. Everything you see here is one hundred percent real; no tricks, no special effects. You'll be s…

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    Four teenagers are joined together to protect The Chosen. Until the evil is gone, they are tasked with keeping one person alive. But w…

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    Murder, Murder

    What would you do, if you discovered that your only way to survive is to kill. Would you do it? - Seventeen year old Kara was attack…

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    Since the accident, since her near death experience, Phoenix Summers life has spiraled out of control. After getting shipped off to a …

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    Cam was training to sail around the world. Everything was going smoothly until a small storm hits and sends him overboard. This was it…

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    The day Daire though she would die, she would be at least in her nineties. But her fate was coming soon, after awakening the headless …

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Talk to me!

Figment prifile pic

11 months ago Super Susi said:

Your profile picture is really pretty! :)


about 1 year ago Katie ZaBAM said:

Hi there! I've just started writing a novel called "Between a Jock and a Dead Guy" and am wondering if you'd like to read the first chapter and leave some feedback. If this particular story doesn't appeal to you, feel free to read anything on my page. I will gladly return the favor ASAP, so just message if I don't get back to your piece within a day or so! Thank you :)


about 1 year ago Cayla Annais said:

HELLO FELLOW FIGGER:-) If you could please check out my novel THE SHADOW WOMAN and Comment/review/heart/react if you like it:-)HERE IS ABOUT MY NOVEL:

Ever is a shadow; a spy. A girl not allowed to be herself but only allowed to follow others. to spy. She is but a nothing. But when she starts following a young girl who is being pulled into the dark side; she decides she is tired of being a shadow and ready to fight to be herself. And fight against the dark side


about 1 year ago Madeline Nixon said:

Hello, would you like to swap? If so, please read 18 Years, and then post on my wall what you would like me to read.


about 1 year ago Elise Renée said:

Hi, do you wanna do a Figment Fate Swap, I'll read and review you entry you do the same for me (mine is called Lock and Key). If not, thanks anyway!

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