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    Iron Kingdom

    Two budding nations, the humans and the elves, must come together to help stop one powerful force, Valtar the most powerful wizard in …

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    Just Between Us

    Obviously when your best friend says she has a surprise for you around midnight, she shouldn't be trusted, but Amelia takes a chance a…

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    Loving Monsters

    Being a teenage girl and introducing your boyfriend to your family can be very nervewracking, but try being the daughter of one of the…

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    Abducted. Tested. No escape. Teenagers everywhere are being taken and tested on to create the perfect assassins. But Cassie Bishop …

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    With the Tide

    This plane crash was no accident. The Force pulled Caroline to this mysterious island full of natives with secrets about who she reall…

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    Cirque Des Monstres

    Welcome to the worlds greatest circus. Everything you see here is one hundred percent real; no tricks, no special effects. You'll be s…

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1 day ago Stormie D. said:

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A voice in her head, a prophecy predicting doom, and an annoying little brother are just some of the things Brinly must face in the first instalment of the trilogy, "Caldainian Chronicles: Brinly's Story".

Click on the poster to read the first few chapters, with more coming soon!

-Stormie Dawn, Timelord of 221B Baker Street

Melissa february 2015

2 days ago Melissa Tennant said:

Thanks for swapping.

Melissa february 2015

3 days ago Melissa Tennant said:

Hi there. Yes, I'd love to swap. If you could kindly go first and review my short story Tempest, I'd be most grateful. Please let me know what I can read and review for you once you have completed yours.

Thank you.


3 days ago Mel Jane said:

Hello fellow Fig! Do you like books about magic? About making justice? About dynamic and empowered characters? Maybe you’d enjoy my first novel, The Secrets of the Earth and the Sea!

I finished the first draft recently and I’m looking for some feedback for the second draft! If you’d be so kind to leave a semi-detailed review on some or all of it (no pressure to read more than you want to!) I’d really appreciate it!

I will of course return the favor! I will read and review an equal amount of any of your works (it can be multiple works), as well as follow you! I also make covers, and I’ll make one cover for each chapter you read/review. Feel free to split the swap up any way you want! Just leave a comment on my profile!


4 days ago Arielle Duke said:

Hey! I just read and reviewed Renegade and thought it was great. If you get time, could you please read 'Thunderlunar'? Thanks :)

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I'm always a sucker for Dystopian type stories but when it comes to those it tends be quite repetitive. When you started talking about th... Read More »