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  • Grumpybysarah
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    *****Second place in the Thinking Sideways Contest***** Thank you Sarah Brown for the cover. :) Everyone knows the story of Snow Whi…

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  • Just like you by veronica greene
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    Just Like You

    Vampires aren't the creatures you think they are. Time to rethink them. Trust me... they won't bite. Cover Courtesy of Victoria G…

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  • Either or neither2 by lexi
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    Either or Neither

    Homepage Feature April 23rd, 2013 Cover by-Overcomingdyslexic or Lexi. She is amazing! Check her out:D Syd is involved with a "secre…

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  • Thecallforvengence
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    The Call for Vengence

    In the land of Eywelle, the people have suffered for years due to the fierce battle waging on between their good King Islan who rules …

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  • Sceethe by deidre
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    NOT FINISHED...OR EVEN REALLY STARTED..... Kiylee has grown up with her family, the one given to her. She has never wanted for anythi…

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  • Threeweeksbysarah
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    Three Weeks

    This is a true story, of an event that just happened to me. A good friend of mine just left, just moved away. I felt strangly connecte…

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about 5 years ago meg d. said:

Up for a swap? If so, could ya read Summer Days? Then post on my wall what you want me to read... xo meg ;]

Gimptalk kalien

about 5 years ago Kalyn Cole said:

Sure, could you read Anthem in return?


about 5 years ago fabledsun said:

Would you like to do a swap? Read my new story The Lucky Ones and I'll read any of yours? Sorry to be a bother if I am :)


about 5 years ago Lindsey Hazel Allaire said:

I read your story for the swap! Please read chapter one of "More Than Acceptable."


about 5 years ago Alexandria Presscott said:

Thanks for reading and commenting on Forbidden Love!! ~ Alex

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My Reviews

Poems of Existence and Experience

(over 4 years ago)

First off, Downhill and.....oh....dammit! Whatever the chapter 2 poem was called. Those were my favorite. I loved them, plain and simple.... Read More »

The Underworld - Prisoner

(over 4 years ago)

This was interesting overall. I liked the idea you set up here and began as it seemed a little new and refreashing, which is hard to come... Read More »