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  • Despair
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    Drowning on Dry Land

    Madness. The torment of your own mind. The warmth or lack of another living body. Fighting for inner peace. Living until tomorrow.

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  • Creepy woods
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    Long Shadows

    Dad is such a freak. Instead of spending the summer doing something cool, like going to the beach or the amusement park he's dragging …

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  • Piano
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    Hands of a Musician

    Nina was five when her prodigious talent for music shone through. Over the years, her talent grew until heavenly music poured out of a…

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almost 3 years ago Don't learn, Write! said:

Hey! Please come join us. http://figment.com/groups/30255-Webers

Dance with devils

over 4 years ago Gem the Bookworm said:

Hey there! If you could read my story "What a Jerk" and heart it if you like it and maybe leave a comment of what you thought. I would gladly return the favor. -Gem the bookworm

Fox fire

over 4 years ago Seraphim Rose said:


I just published chapter eight of Forest of Lost Arrows. Check it out when you get the chance! I'm not really sure about this chapter, but...

Also, Rhine and Laurel have both undergone a name change. Rhine is now Lorne, and Laurel is Evynne. I felt that these names better suit the characters symbolically, so... Yeah.

Enjoy chapter eight!


Fox fire

almost 5 years ago Seraphim Rose said:

Hello my beautiful/lovely/awesome follower! Just thought I'd let you know that chapter seven of my story, Forest of Lost Arrows, is now up!



about 5 years ago XIII said:

Hello Love, could you check out my story in progress Calling Thunder? Tell me how I'm doing? Maybe share it or follow me? Thank You Love~

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