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    Here's some of my dreams

    Hey, what can I say? I'm a sucker for story telling, especially when the story's already made! Besides, my sister nagged me into it, s…

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  • Motherdear
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    Mother Dear

    A tale of a boy and his mother. Alright, I'm trying out sort of a new format... It's a bit more figurative than I usually do... Ple…

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  • Tear-drops-reflection
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    Broken Dolls

    Holy cow there were a lot of typos in this. Urg, I need to learn to type =__= Well, I proof read it and fix the typos I caught and som…

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  • Cover-normal
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    Assorted Poems

    I know there's a lot, but they're really short. Well, most are really short. Yeah, there's a lot of teenage angst in there, I realize,…

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  • Doily
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    The Legend of Evil

    Markwol discovers that he is part of a prophesy that will save or destroy the world. Man this is a terrible summary. Well, anyways,…

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  • Wings
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    Fairy Dust, Human Lives, and Spiders

    I'm doing this as an assignment for one of my classes, so... here it is. Whelp, this's about a girl, who finds some fairies, and then …

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Hey Petty!

I'm here to says sorry about this late message and that your form has been approved! Make your own discussion asap and good luck! ( Though as you can see... The group seems dead... Ahhhhhh...)

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8 days ago Meerab Farooqui said:

heyy, wanna swap? For me, please read and review a thousand envelopes and just let me know what you would want me to review in return. Anything you do to my story (for example, a heart, a reaction, a looonnggg review), I will also do that for you. :)

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My Reviews

What is love?

(15 days ago)

First, I would like to start off by saying what an amazing poem! The accuracy in the extensive defining of the abstract construction, "lo... Read More »

Body in the Woods

(28 days ago)

Holy cow, this was legitimately one of the best things I've read on figment so far! Not just in the concept or the characters, but the st... Read More »