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  • Bokeh
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    Fairy Tale-esque

    Whoops, I kinda ran low on time here, ehehe. Sorry if the ending seems forced, the word count caught up with me and walloped me in the…

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  • Metal horns
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    I made certain sure to include both a title AND a cover! And get this, here's a proper summary too: A boy has some stage fright and ge…

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  • Cover-normal
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    For the contest...

    This is for a contest by The Library, a group I'm in. The prompt was basically whatever I

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  • Figment
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    Here's some of my dreams

    Hey, what can I say? I'm a sucker for story telling, especially when the story's already made! Besides, my sister nagged me into it, s…

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  • Motherdear
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    Mother Dear

    A tale of a boy and his mother. Alright, I'm trying out sort of a new format... It's a bit more figurative than I usually do... Ple…

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  • Tear-drops-reflection
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    Broken Dolls

    Holy cow there were a lot of typos in this. Urg, I need to learn to type =__= Well, I proof read it and fix the typos I caught and som…

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Yay! You made it to the deadline! :D



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Hey Petty! You have 43 minutes until your entry is due!



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Hey Petty!

I'm here to remind you that you have until tonight at 11 PM PST to submit your entry! :)

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My Reviews

Marching In The Dark

(22 days ago)

Wow, this was an ecellently heart-rendering inspirational story! And that was a bit of a mouthful, sorry. Anyways, I want to congratulate... Read More »

Fire and Ice

(24 days ago)

Wow! This story is incredible! At first, I was afraid that I wouldn't have anything negative to put into the review. It took a few readin... Read More »